On the 16th January 2021, I was a guest on the popular SEND podcast, “The Grumpy Dad’s Podcast”. We discussed some of my upcoming projects, sensory sensitivity with food that is common for Autistics and the usual Grumpy Dad’s Podcast antics.

On 3rd December 2020, I co-hosted the first ever DisabilityEd UK event “Disrupting for Disability: School is for everyone.”

I also spoke on the topic of, “The Hidden Autistic Workforce: Barriers to coming out in education & how leaders can support us” which starts at approximately 1:46:32 in the video below.

I spoke to Dr. Pooky Knightsmith on the Pooky Ponders Podcast about “What can the world learn from the Scottish approach to ACEs?”

On 19th September 2020, I spoke at the ScotEd 2020 Conference #GreatTeachingForScotland about Inclusive Pedagogy. You can access my talk below at approximately 5:11:00, though I recommend all of the other speakers too for anyone interested in education.

On 8th July 2020, I spoke to Scottish Autism in a Facebook Live event on the topic of returning to school post COVID from the perspective of a Support for Learning teacher who is also Autistic and has ADHD.

You can read more of the discussion on the Scottish Autism Facebook page.

In August 2018 I spoke to the Twinkl Scotland Facebook group in a Livestream event about behaviour. The video is available in two parts on the Twinkl Scotland Facebook page for members.