Public Speaking

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I speak about ADHD, Autism, Neurodiversity and Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs)/trauma for a variety of groups and organisations.

A selection of past events can be viewed below and you can also access feedback or videos of online events.

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Twinkl Scotland ‘Behaviour’ Livestream, online event (21st August 2018)

Scottish Autism ‘Back to School’ Facebook Live, online event (July 8th 2020)

Scottish Parliament round table for ADHD, ‘My experience in the healthcare system,’ (7th September 2018)

Celebrating Neurodiversity, ‘Why we should celebrate Neurodiversity in schools,’ at Leith Primary School, Edinburgh (16th May 2019)

ADHD Foundation Conference, ‘ACEs, Trauma or Genetics- The controversy about cause & effect’ Edinburgh (20th March 2020- rescheduled to 27th August 2020)

‘Paper Tigers’ panel for the community, Edinburgh Omni Vue

‘The ADHD Toolkit’ at Spartans Community Football Academy, Edinburgh

‘Resilience’ panel at Edinburgh Sherif Court, representing the Edinburgh ACEs Hub

Wellbeing Radio series: ‘My experiences as an Autistic teacher with ADHD,’ ‘What can parents do if they suspect their child is Autistic or has ADHD,’ ‘What stigmas and misconceptions are there about Autism and ADHD,’ online (upcoming- starting on 14th August 2020)

‘The ADHD Toolkit’ at Kingmoor Juniors School, Cumbria

Pooky Ponders Podcast, ‘What can the rest of the world learn from the Scottish approach to ACEs?’ online event (upcoming- 5th August 2020)

Cumbria Resilience Project events at Eden Mencap, Penrith, Trinity Academy and Peoples First Conference Centre, Carlisle (July and August 2018)

‘Resilience’ panel for Upstart Scotland, Fife

ADHD workshop, Carlisle

‘Resilience’ panel at Victoria Primary, Falkirk

‘Trauma Informed Practice in school,’ private online Zoom event for Leith Primary School staff

‘Resilience’ panel for early years and 3rd sector staff, Edinburgh Omni Vue

‘ADHD Toolkit for Teaching Assistants,’ at Leith Primary School, Edinburgh