In 2013, I entered my original version of, “La Belle et la Bête” (Beauty and the Beast) into the annual Rencontres Théâtrales, a French drama competition held by the Institut français d’Écosse in Edinburgh, and directed my class’s performance of the play. I was delighted to win the Prix d’Excellence of the Primary category for the play and, more importantly, the children enjoyed the experience of performing the language they had been learning in class..

In 2014, I entered the competition again with my original take on, “Blanche Neige Et Les Sept Nains” (Snow White and the Seven Dwarves). Despite being entered into the Secondary school category, my Primary aged group won the Prix d’Excellence for a second time- and in the Secondary category.

Following this success, I entered my original version of, “Aladdin” to the competition for a third time in 2015, again in the Secondary category, and won the Prix d’Excellence for a third year in a row with my group of Primary aged performers. 

The Institut français d’Écosse has not held a Rencontres Théâtrales in Edinburgh since 2015, but I have continued to write plays for my classes to perform and have been ably assisted by Camille as a French Language editor.

I hope my collection of playscripts will be available for educators, drama groups and other interested parties to purchase in 2018.

*School name obscured on certificates

A trailer from the 2013 Rencontres Théâtrales can be viewed here: