Children’s Books

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Inclusive Pedagogy, and inclusion in general, is much more than putting a few books in your school and class library or choosing class novels that feature diverse characters. BUT, that is a really important part of the inclusion process for the children and young people in your school.

The books children read and are exposed to help shape their knowledge of the world and their place in it. Books can expose them to positive messages of diversity and inclusion, or homogenous messages that cultivate a narrow view of the world they live in that may lead to division.

By request, I am reading and reviewing children’s books in the areas of my education related inclusion research:

  • Disability and Neurodiversity
  • Emotional Literacy & Regulation
  • Sectarianism
  • Religious Discrimination- The Holocaust

However, I welcome all recommendations of books featuring diverse characters.


You can access my Amazon wish list here to see what I plan to read in the future and make suggestions about books I should add to my list.

Authors and publishers can also contact me if they would like to send me their children’s books in these categories to read and review.


Fiction books with disabled characters age 3-12

Non-fiction books about disability for children aged 3-12 (coming soon)

Books to support emotional literacy and regulation age 3-12

Sectarianism: Middle Grade

Books about religious discrimination- The Holocaust (coming soon)