I am a writer, speaker, teacher and Neurodiversity advocate from Edinburgh.

My main interests are issues relating to inclusive education and healthcare, particularly Neurodiversity, Autism, ADHD, Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs), trauma/PTSD and disability.

I founded the Edinburgh ACEs Hub in January 2018, a voluntary group of cross sector professionals and individuals with lived experiences of childhood adversity and trauma. We come together in monthly events around Edinburgh to share knowledge and good examples of Trauma Informed Practise in order to build capacity in our own settings.

In July 2020, I joined the development group of DisabilityEd UK. We are a national organisation of disabled teachers whose goals include educating people to understand and challenge their own biases about disability, raise awareness of the stigma and inequity experienced by many disabled educators, and to raise awareness of the strengths and leadership qualities that a disabled educator can bring to a school.

My other areas of professional interest include: Outdoor Education, Maths, STEM education and Modern Language teaching.

Despite my Scottish base, I often work in Cumbria, North East England and London, and I regularly travel throughout the USA- frequenting Houston TX, Pittsburgh PA and Washington DC throughout the year.

I am also a mother to a wonderful son and together we enjoy outdoor pursuits such as hill walking, archery and canoeing- as well as indulging our love of travel.

Please contact me if you have any professional queries.